Unlock more of your potential and get your certification(s) through Wendy Jakob.

Classes Include:

Practical Magic
Psychic Development
Candle Magic
Ritual Work
Path Working
Psychic Protection
Sovereignty & Virtue


Certified Dragon Energy Healing


Certified Angelic Healing


Reiki Certified Training:

Traditional Reiki
Reiki Grand Master
Karuna Ki Reiki
Reiki of the Atlanteans
Atlantean & Lemurian Light Reiki
Orion & Pleiadean Reiki
Perseus & Andromedin Reiki
Egyptian Reiki
Rainbow Reiki
Classes Cost:
$25-$35 per session 1-3 hours depending on class,
Certified Classes: Reiki Certified training may be done in either 1-3 day training sessions.
All certified classes are $55-$75. Certified training requires video or in person sessions.
Certification will be given upon completion.


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